Klaas Meurs (b. 14.02.1935, d. 27.03.1977) was a Dutch pilot, who was the First Officer onboard the ill-fated flight
KL4805, which was involved in the Tenerife Disaster.

Klaas Meurs was born in Opperdoes, The Netherlands. Until the day of his death, he had the total of 9.200 flying hours, 95 of them are on Boeing 747.

Type ratings:Edit

Beechcraft D18S: from: 02.03.1960 until: 11.07.1961

Fokker F-27: from: 26.08.1966 until: 02.07.1970

Douglas DC-8: from: 13.12.1970 until: 29.06.1977

Boeing 747: from: 19.01.1971 until: 29.06.1977

Personal LifeEdit

At the day of the disaster Meurs was married and had two children.


  • His youngest son Derk now serves as a Captain with Transavia. In 2007 he flew the families of the victims for the 30 year memorial to Tenerife and back home.
  • Besides aviation, Klaas Meurs was into skiing. At the time of the accident, he was the chairman of the KLM-Skiclub.
  • Meurs was a temporary Captain on a DC-8, and was offered a similar status on a DC-9, but chose to serve as a First Officer on the Boeing 747 instead.